Saturday, January 6, 2007


Today is my son’s 7th birthday. Happy Birthday Frank Jr.! Today my server also crashed. As a good systems administrator should, I had a back up of the server so I went through the standard process of restoring the data. But it is Microsoft Windows and it just never goes that smoothly. The hard drive died and I had install a base operating system on to the new drive before I could restore the data. After that I restored all the data overwriting all files and registry entries. That should have been it, but it did not boot after a restart. I tried a few things like safe mode but finally I had to repair from a Windows install disk. To my surprise it worked and all the setting were intact. I had to remount the drives and set up some shares but that was it.

I installed a new 250GB SATA drive in my wife’s computer but that also gave me trouble until I realized that I was plugging the drive into the RAID ports instead or the SATA ports.

My brother-in-law’s laptop was not connecting to the network so I help him out with that and top it off, the flusher handle on the toilet broke. So I fashioned a temporary handle from my son’s TinkerToys. We call it our “TinkerToilet” now.

I am now at ease with everything working functioning again.

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