Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Post EVAR

O.K. I've been on the internet a long while and this is the first real post on a blog or forum of any sort. Kinda weird, huh. My online habits have been of an internet scavenger. I search around looking for what I want and when I find it, I'm out. I sign up for forums and message boards to read through the content but I rarely post anything. My decision to start this blog is to add to the collective knowledge base that has become the internet we know today. I have leeched my share of information and I figure it's time to put some of my insights and experiences out there in hopes that someone that is looking for that information will find it useful. My only concern is that I hope I will not be adding to the endless chatter and noise that has filled the net like spam. My next post will be of more use.
/End of useless banter.

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