Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sopping Wet and Satisfied

It seemed like a simple enough task; Install a water filter. However, hidden in this medial task lie a worldly truth; things are not always a simple as they seem. I glanced through the directions, putting aside my male ego, so I would have an idea of what I was doing. I'm not exactly experienced in plumbing, but I know enough to think I can fix stuff on my own. I got out every wrench, vice grip, and pliers I had to make sure I had everything to make this job smooth and painless. Under the sink I discovered a fairly common plumbing configuration. Copper piping leading from the cold water out-flow to the faucet. I seems the previous owners had a ice maker/refrigerator water dispenser since there was this piercing saddle valve which made installation of the water filter a little more difficult. The instructions stated to place the adapter provided in between the cold water supply line and the faucet. The problem is that copper piping is not that flexible and I was not able to bend the the pipe easily. (Don't forget about the saddle valve in my way). I connected the parts back on to the water line and turned on the water to test for leaks. Needless to say I was sopping wet in no time. While messing around to try to get a better seal I bent the pipe to much and it sprung a leak. Now I've done it! I have to replace the pipe. luckily I knew from experience and watching "This Old House" that they use flexible piping in the 21st century. Off to Home Depot I go. I ended up having to go twice since I was lazy and didn't bring the broken pieces with me to make sure I bought the right parts. A nice elderly gentleman in the plumbing section helped me find the flexible faucet connector that would let me finish this little project. The water filter is now installed and working bring me and my family clean and good tasting water which left me with a satisfied feeling. I will, however be more careful when judging the difficulty of a project. Next project: Install a garbage disposal. Don't worry, I'm calling a plumber!

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